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What We're All About


Welcome aboard Wonder Waves Coffee!

We're more than just a coffee company. We're a community of ocean lovers and change-makers. Our journey began with a profound love for the sea and a passion for extraordinary coffee. We believe in the power of these two forces to inspire change and foster a deeper connection with our blue planet.

Our aim is to be a beacon for coffee enthusiasts and ocean advocates alike by offering high-quality and sustainably sourced coffee that not only delights the senses but also catalyzes positive change in ocean conservation across the seven seas.

We strive to create an experience that resonates with the rhythm of the waves and the call of the ocean. Immerse yourself in our brews and let a tide of flavors and aromas wash over you...

Following Our North Star

Our Mission Statement

To deliver exceptional coffee that inspires a deeper connection with the ocean and creates a wave of change, driving awareness and action toward its preservation and restoration.

Leading By Example

Our Ethos

We hold that businesses are not just participants in the global marketplace but play an integral role in shaping and sustaining a more promising future. With the ability to influence industries, reshape economies, and mobilize communities, businesses possess unique capabilities to drive substantial environmental progress.

Moreover, we consider the role of businesses is not merely about compliance with environmental standards but about leading the charge to redefine those standards, ensuring a healthier planet for future generations.

Cultivating Taste

Our Coffee

Our coffee is a tribute to the ocean's vast beauty and mystery. Each one of our offerings draws its inspiration from the sea and is crafted to conjure distinctive sensations that mirror its unique character—both visually and in flavor.

We thoughtfully source our beans from farms that prioritize environmental sustainability and ethical labor practices. This ensures that every sip of our coffee not only tastes exceptional but also aligns with our values of respect and responsibility toward the Earth.

Conserving Nature

Our Commitment

The ocean is at the heart of everything we do. We're dedicated to actively supporting initiatives that focus on ocean conservation, such as pollution prevention, coral reef restoration, and marine wildlife protection.

A notable portion of every purchase goes directly to these causes, helping to fund research, advocacy, and on-the-ground conservation efforts. We also strive to educate and engage our community in environmental stewardship, believing that awareness is the first step toward action.

Our Story

Why coffee? Why the ocean? Why "Wonder Waves"? Discover the roots of our brand and the story of our inception.

The Vision: Inspiration Strikes

Born Beneath The Ocean Waves

Our story began not on the shore, but beneath the waves. Our founder, Max, a recreational scuba diver and coffee aficionado, found solace and inspiration in the tranquil depths of the sea.

Surrounded by a world of wonder, he pondered on how he could bring the underwater encounter back to others on land. It was from here that the idea of Wonder Waves surfaced—a coffee company that would serve as a vessel, encapsulating the essence of the ocean while actively contributing to its preservation. Coffee, with its everyday presence, flavor variety and depth, and unique ability to bring people together, seemed like the perfect medium to translate this experience.

With a heart full of passion and a mind brimming with ideas, Max set out to turn this dream into reality. The goal was clear: to craft a coffee experience that resonated with fellow ocean lovers and made a positive impact on marine ecosystems.


The Journey: Charting A Course

Anchored In Sustainability

Max embarked on an odyssey to source the finest coffee beans, ones that were not only exceptional in flavor but also ethically and sustainably grown.

As with any adventurous journey, however, it was not without its challenges. Sourcing the finest beans and finding like-minded partners who aligned with his commitment to sustainability were just a few of the hurdles. But with a steadfast determination and a deep-seated love for the ocean, Wonder Waves Coffee gradually came to life.

This quest ultimately led to the discovery of coffee farms and purveyors that shared the same vision for environmental stewardship.


The Ripple Effect: Brewing Awareness

Blending Flavors & Conservation

As Wonder Waves Coffee took shape, it became more than just a coffee brand. It evolved into a platform for raising awareness and supporting ocean conservation efforts.

Every one of our offerings was carefully crafted and meticulously chosen to evoke the unique sensations of the sea, from the invigorating freshness of a morning breeze to the soothing serenity of a moonlit tide, and to fuel consumer interest in topics concerning marine preservation.

Our story is one of ongoing exploration, dedication, resilience, and hope. As we continue to grow, we invite you to be a part of our journey, to savor the magic of the sea, and to be part of the WAVE OF CHANGE.


A Wave Of Change

Today, Wonder Waves Coffee stands as a testament to the power of passion and the importance of preserving the natural beauty of our world. As we continue to navigate the waters of the coffee industry, our commitment to excellence in coffee and conservation remains unwavering.

Being part of Wonder Waves Coffee is more than just enjoying exceptional coffee. It's about being part of a community that cherishes the ocean's beauty and recognizes its importance.

Join us on this exhilarating adventure to explore the depths of our coffee's flavor and to create ripples of positive change. Let's ride the wave together. Jointly, we can protect the ocean and celebrate the joy it brings to our lives.

Steering Our Course With Integrity

Our Guiding Principles & Core Values

Our Core Values & Guiding Principles are more than just words. They're the compass that navigates our efforts and shapes our strategic direction.

Accountability & Authenticity

  • Prioritize the quality of our coffee over mass production by only providing small-batch coffee that is roasted to highlight its unique flavor profiles, ensuring an authentic coffee experience

  • Bring out the best in every bean by always keeping all of our coffee pure and unadulterated, without any additives, unnatural flavors, or hidden ingredients

  • Cultivate openness and transparency by publishing and sharing exactly where and how our coffee makes an environmental impact and to whom our targeted contributions flow to

  • Offer unique, ocean-inspired blends that reflect our passion for the sea and raise awareness for a specific set of issues

People & Planet Over Profits

  • Ensure that our coffee is purchased at or above fair trade prices to support sustainable livelihoods for coffee farmers and their communities, enabling them to grow alongside us

  • Conduct business in a way that is socially responsible, environmentally sustainable, and ethically sound

  • Guide all our courses of action by the effect they have on communities and the natural world rather than solely by the level of financial gain

  • Take direct and indirect responsibility for the social impact of our business, while striving to make a positive difference in the lives of people and the planet

Customer Centricity & Delight

  • Prioritize the satisfaction of our customers in all decisions and interactions

  • Offer information and resources that allow customers to make informed choices about where and from whom they purchase their coffee and deepen their appreciation for specialty coffee

  • Recognize and reward our loyal customers through a comprehensive loyalty program that offers exclusive benefits, discounts, and experiences tailored to their interests

  • Continuously gather and act on customer feedback to improve our products and services

Engagement & Collaboration

  • Build and empower a community of coffee lovers and ocean enthusiasts who share in our values and mission

  • Encourage customer participation in our mission through fun and interactive experiences and content

  • Embrace joint action with external partners as the key to amplifying our impact on conservation and sustainability

  • Foster strong partnerships with local and global organizations and other stakeholders to create a positive impact on both the coffee industry and the environment